About Fashion Conscious

Welcome to Fashion Conscious. A blog dedicated to exploring the world of sustainable fashion, and how we are really impacting the world in a social, environmental and economic way. Albeit a young career, exposure to the inside world of the fashion industry, has made me question the practises and systems of an industry that is spiralling out of control. And as a consumer, I want to take a second look at how we are behaving and what the repercussions of our actions are, on a global scale.

From my daily routine of complaining I have nothing to wear, to going to work for a women’s magazine where shopping is at the heart of its commercial model to opening a newspaper and reading about the latest sweatshop tragedy, I have finally come to my saturation point.

Over the last 100 years we have seen the fashion industry transform many times over and most recently boom in a capitalist society to become one of the world’s biggest earners. But I have to wonder, at what cost and are we prepared to fix it? This blog is a personal journey to find answers to these questions and understand more about such a complex balancing act between environmental health, economic prosperity and the integrity of human rights. This blog is not aimed at naming, shaming or judging the industry but rather finding a place to tell the story and encourage the conversation of fashion responsibility. Afterall, fashion is a wonderful celebration of self expression and creativity but has been forgotten in a over consuming world.