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Clean-stagram: the eco-bloggers of Instagram

The world of Instagram can be a gold mine for impeccable taste and like minded communities, and the world of conscious fashion is no different. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite feeds to inspire and delight with all things sustainability.

Bien Faire

Founder of Bien Faire, Cara Barlett, is a seasoned conscious blogger. In 2012 she committed to only buy from responsible brands and shows her readers how they can too. With a beautifully minimal aesthetic, Cara’s ethics don’t compromise her style.

The Good Trade

The Good Trade plays host to an ethically minded community, founded on the idea that ‘consumers are powerful and the dollars we spend each day are a vote for the world we want to live in’. Unlike most bloggers, the team at The Good Trade, not only write about lifestyle and fashion but also social enterprise, ideas and living a fair trade life.

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Life Style Justice

Founder of lifestyle blog, Life Style Justice and also the Ethical Blogger Network, Hannah Theisen is the slashie of the ethical world; from writing about the cause, connecting people to creative direction for cause-based brands.

Livia Firth

Queen of the Green Carpet challenge and founder of Eco Age, Livia Firth is has been raising awareness about sustainable fashion for years. Her Instagram is just a drop in the ocean of the work she does but an inspiring daily insight into her world.

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The Intent Journal

The Intent Journal is a platform that celebrates the world of fashion; from maker to consumer. Understanding the desire for clothes and the role of fashion in our lives, it encourages people to think about how they buy ‘on a deeper level’ by presenting the stories of the people in the industry.

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Sustainably Chic

Focusing on the profiling brands and the eco community of people and bloggers, Sustainably Chic is a an eco shopping mecca. A thorough brand directory means there’s no reason not to shop responsibly.

Jessica Alba

Founder of the Honest Company which incorporates Honest Beauty, Jessica Alba champions clean living from washing detergent and diapers to lipstick and hair serum. Her own Instagram is a mix of celeb sightings and advice for clean living.

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