Evernu Levis recycled jeams

Levi’s 100% recycled jeans of the future

Just Google ‘recycled fashion’ and a whole host of dresses made of of ties, paper, wire netting… and just about anything else you wouldn’t wear, fills your feed. So when Levi’s launched their Waste‹Less collection in the Spring of 2013, where they recycle brown and green plastic bottles to make their classic jeans and jackets, it was a remarkable step for a greener fashion future. Alongside its initiative to bring old jeans in store, Levi’s have always aimed to educate their consumer and develop their own sustainable practise, but this is only just the beginning.

After enlisting the help of Evrnu, a Seattle based start up interested in developing recycled fibres for the fashion industry, Levi’s is currently working on their first pair of 100% recycled jeans. With this award winning new technology, Evrnu are able to pulp down old garments and turn them into high quality thread that can then be used to manufacture clothes in the traditional way. Where in the past new fibres would need to be added to recycled fibres to strengthen them, this new technology means it is now possible to produce recycled fabric in its entirety.

Whilst the current pair previewed by Levi’s is still in prototype stage and therefore not yet 100% recycled fibre, when perfected this process would be industry defining; reducing the consumption of water by 98% compared with virgin cotton farming.

No longer do recycled clothes look like a high school project, but instead luxury, supple, good quality fabrics that effortlessly replaced using raw materials.


Evernu’s recycling fibre loop

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