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Urban Outfitters launches new sustainable line: ReWork

Urban Outfitters is the latest high street brand to adopt sustainable methods with it’s new line, ReWork. Made entirely of remnant fabric sourced from across the UK, ReWork is offering a more ethical fashion choice which is in limited run as they can only produce as much as they have fabric. Each garment is labelled with the number of pieces made from that fabric, making the clothes feel covetable.

“This collection is designed entirely with the view that beautiful fabrics lead beautiful designs and with the range made up entirely of sourced remnant fabrics, the design process is unlike any other,” Lizzie Dawson, head of design, told Vogue. “It’s experimental and designed from what feels right opposed to chasing trends. Fashion is fast and the landscape is constantly changing and evolving. By offering something like ReWork, I’m hoping that we can offer the new and unseen to our customers.”

The collection feels true to the Urban customer with a 90s aesthetic and a soft silhouette. Using denim, military and referencing athleisure including joggers and sweat shirts, ReWork still retains a current edge. Urban Outfitters has proved with this collection that sustainable methods in fashion can look beautiful, desirable and be sold an attainable price point, with items starting from £40 to £120.

ReWork is available now at Urban Outfitters stores and online at Urbanoutfitters.com

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