Viktor and Rolf Couture 16
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Viktor & Rolf couture ’16 is made from recycled fabric

Getty Images | Pascal Le Segretain

Viktor and Rolf had sustainability at the forefront of their minds when designing their Fall ’16 haute couture collection.“The first feeling we had was, ‘We want something organic,’” WWD reported Viktor Horsting saying. “We were thinking of conscious designing, and recycling. It felt kind of logical.” Taking scraps, sequins and garments from their career catalogue, to produce this 39 piece collection which they showed in Milan this week.

Featuring silhouettes true to Viktor and Rolf style, the collection included layered taffeta, ruffles and bulging skirts, whilst still keeping the clothes current with a base of denim and military. Even the powerful influence of the pop-culture-referencing, Vetements, snuck into the first look with a vintage ‘Coke’ sweat shirt.

The Italian duo have sent an important message out to the fashion industry. Their collection is a paradox of ethics and aesthetics; the indulgent and wealthy vs the conscientious and recycled, but have managed to create a beautiful synergy that doesn’t devalue either.

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